Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wholesale Star Wars Costume Review

Imagination is great and especially with children that love to dress up as their favorite characters after watching a movie.  It is difficult to find a costume when it is not Halloween. During Halloween there are costume stores within a few miles of each but when the day is gone so the store.  Even with Party City, they do carry but the selection is specific to a child’s need. My son is a Star Wars fanatic since seeing the movie several times and watching the Clone Wars on Cartoon Network.   Where can you find such a wide variety of Star Wars costumes and accessories, it is at Wholesale Star Wars Costumes website. There was a large selection of costumes for both the adult and child including ones that I have not seen in the stores, for example the Clone Wars Cad Bane for children and Han Solo for adults.  Your pet can even follow in with the theme by buying a costume on the website.
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Monday, April 6, 2015


When the last portion of my pregnancy set in I was starting to get nervous about swings. We hadn’t received one from any of our showers and my mom friends kept telling me I just have to have one. So of course in true #laurenstaufferfashion I started searching and researching. That research landed me at the Ingenuity swing. It had straps, music, motion, and came in a gender neutral color. I mean if you are investing that type of money you better be able to use it with the next child whether that child is a #standtopee or #sittopee (apparently my readers like our southern sayings!)
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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Aurora Gift – My Little Pony Plush Review


As you may know, my kids love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Kat, Sis and Lisi all love plush, and having plush that is MLP: FIM themed is of course highly desired. Sometimes, it can be really hard to find plush we don’t already have! More so any place local. Thankfully Aurora Gift has a licensed My Little Pony line of plush that are high quality and easy enough to get. I can order them online! Shopping online is nice, no dealing with lots of people.
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Jeremy McGratch’s Offroad Video Game Review

In our home we enjoy playing games. Whether they are board games, outside games or video games. So long as they are family friendly, we enjoy them! Needless to say, the kids were happy that I was able to review this new game, Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad. This is available for the Playstation as well but we got it on the Xbox LiveArcade. Check out our thoughts below along with the video and pics!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Giant Microbes Review

This is the newest tag-team diorama duo from Giant Microbes. Please meet the not-so-popular and avoided woodland critter, Tick. Tick could never leave behind his side kick, the dreaded Lyme Disease. My kids have subsequently re-named them Tock and Lemon.  This pair are pretty much inseparable, always on the lookout for their next unsuspecting victim, I mean “free meal”.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The amazing Zhus Circus Pets Review

Kids love the circus. Frankly, everyone does. I don’t know a single person that finds the circus boring. What is your favorite thing about a circus? Many people would say the stunt people and the animals. Watching both, gives me a rush that I cannot describe. Being a kid, I would imagine that the rush is multiplied. They see things that they think are magic. They see animals that they have never seen in real life before. They see people do things that you only see in movies. The circus is incredible. The circus is magical. Bring the circus and the “pets” home to your kids with The Amazing Zhus.
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Monday, March 23, 2015

Sakar Children’s Headphones Review

Sakar International is committed to providing exciting electronics and accessories for kids, teens and adults! They work with many leading brands, including Gummy Bears, Hello Kitty, Nickelodeon, Marvel, Nerf, Disney, Kodak and more offering a variety of products from tablets to audio accessories to cameras and more. My boys adore their electronics. Their Aunty got Aiden an iPad for his birthday a while back, and they both have Innotabs. While we limit their time on these, having them quiet for a few minutes, or a trip in the car, or sitting at the doctor’s office is very helpful! I like keeping them quiet, and having to tell them to turn the volume down constantly can be such a pain. So rather than fighting with them over the volume controls, Sakar has the best product to help my problem!
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